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  1. The statement of the Aims and Objectives of this Club shall be:

·Our main aim is to ensure our members get the most out of their time at university by joining a highly diverse club that provides the opportunity to train, to socialise, to compete, to keep fit and, most importantly, to enjoy it.

Other aims and objectives:

·To provide a wide range of training sessions that are accessible to everyone from complete beginners to experienced athletes. This includes track and field sessions, cross country intervals, tempo runs, steady runs, jogging and circuits

·To send a large squad of athletes to each of the 4 Midlands Cross Country League races, numerous indoor and outdoor athletics open meetings and the 3 BUCS Championships, providing an opportunity for people of any ability to compete

  • To promote our “Development” part of the club as a relaxed and friendly environment which members can use to keep fit and active

  • To provide a vibrant social scene that complements our training including Circling & POP!, meals, tours and our flagship Pub Jog event

  • To host and organise our own events and competitions, such as our annual Varsity match against Coventry University, Warwick Relays and Reunion Race

  1. The Club, its Officers, its funds, and all its activities shall be annually subject to review by the Club’s Executive Committee.

  2. The Club, its Officers, its funds, and all its activities shall be subject to the provisions of the Constitution and Regulations of Warwick Sport.

  3. Clubs shall abide by the Universities current equal opportunities and environmental policy statements which shall be included in all constitutions.

  4. Clubs will be subject to the disciplinary codes as laid down by Warwick Sport and the Sports Committee, both of these shall be administered by the Sports Committee.


  1. The Club General Meeting shall be the sovereign body of the Club, It shall elect all officers of the Club and may decided on any matter relating to the activities of the Club.

  2. The Club Executive shall call at least one General Meeting a year for the purposes of electing all the Club Officers and discussing plans and activities for the coming year. The Executive shall give at least seven days notice of any General Meeting to all members as far as is possible and such notice shall include details of any elections to be held. The executive shall call further meetings either as its own initiative or at the request of 20% of the membership (as defined by the Sports Officer).

  3. The Club Executive Committee shall be made up of at least three voting officers of which two shall be the President/Chair, and the Treasurer respectively. The General Meeting shall be free to give titles to the remaining voting officers.

  4. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Club and may decided upon any matter which has not been decided upon by the General Meeting. The Executive shall be further responsible for:

  1. Organising the activities of the Club in such a way as to included the greatest possible number of the Club’s members.

  2. Directing the expenditure of the Club’s funds in a responsible fashion and in line with the aims, objectives and planned activities of the Club.

  3. Formulating and submitting an annual bid for funds from the Sports Federation prior to any specified deadline which shall include a statement of activities and objectives for the coming year and a detailed justification of the figures contained within the bid.

  4. Formulating and submitting any additional bids for funds from Warwick Sport or other organisations.

  5. Assisting any review (including an Annual Report) of the Club’s activities and use of funds carried out by Warwick Sport.

  6. Upholding the constitution of the Club and ensuring that its aims and objectives reflect the clubs activities.

  1. The Treasurer shall be directly responsible for the administration of any Grant from Warwick Sport to the Club and shall be responsible for the administration of any other income or expenditure from the Clubs funds.


  1. Membership of the Club shall be open to all Full, Associate and Honorary members of Warwick Sport upon payment of the required subscription. Membership shall also be open to other persons at a subscription rate which shall reflect the true cost of the facilities made available to the members of the Club.

  2. All members of the Club shall be entitled to hold office and vote in elections within the Club except that no person who receives payment for the provision of services to a Club shall be entitles to hold office within that Club, no Honorary or Associate member of Warwick Sport may hold the office of Treasurer, and no non-member of Warwick Sport may hold any office in the Club.

  3. Financial authority for the club shall be given to designated officers of the club at the designation of the Sports Officer.



  • In charge of the delivery of service to members, taking overall responsibility for Club actions, the Club’s image and the overall smooth running of the Club.

  • Develop and execute the mid and long term strategy for the Club in terms of performance, participation and the development of links to external bodies.

  • Regularly meet with Warwick Sport Development Officer and Sports Officer to discuss the performance of the Club. 

  • Complete applications for Warwick Sport Awards, Colours Nominations, Sportsmark scheme and any other Club nominations.

  • Club development: identifying ways to improve the Club and putting this into action.

  • Make sure other exec members are aware of their responsibilities and provide support to each of them when necessary to ensure things get done.

  • Organise and chair weekly exec meetings.

  • Liaise with Warwick Sport and the Student Union and attending Sports Council meetings.

  • Organise and run Club elections.

  • Ensure the Club is on track to achieve Sportsmark objectives.

  • Work with the Treasurer to keep track of the Club finances and ensuring all types of members get an equitable cut of the funding.

  • Work with the Treasurer to develop, foster links and negotiate with sponsors and any financial parties related to the Club (kit manufacturers, advertisers etc.).

  • Help with tour, providing advice and ideas for the Events and Tours Co-ordinator, and coming on tours.

  • Assist Social Secs in ensuring Socials are inclusive and accessible to all.

  • Work with Welfare and Community to ensure the Club’s long-term community aims are met.

  • Book Club facilities (twice a year).

  • Organise the selection of the Club’s charity for the year at the start of the year.

  • Liaise with Warwick Outreach over the club offering Outreach sessions.

Men’s & Women’s XC Captain

(All tasks are in collaboration with each other)

  • Attend all cross-country training sessions.

  • Create and implement a XC/ Long distance training schedule for the year.

  • Give a certain level of guidance and advice towards other runners regarding injury/personal training.

  • Organise the BUCS XC Race (and potential-related socials).

  • Mentor, manage and organise of the XC team, covering the aspects of: a) Gauging numbers for running b) Organising transport to and from the races. c) Acting as Club contact for the Birmingham XC League.

  • Register the teams, issue race numbers and collect and marking race positions at the end of races.

  • Compile an informal race report at the end for submission to the respective group/Facebook.

  • Liaise with the Athletics Captains on issues relating to races/socials/training.

  • Support the Athletics Captains when needed to select teams for BUCS indoors and outdoors.

  • Working closely with the Development Captain to encourage participation and help integrate the groups.

  • Organise and enter teams to other racing events, separate to BUCS and the League races, that individuals would be keen to do and could increase the Club members' racing opportunity. ie. Road relays, road races, short XC relays, fell races etc.

  • Inform the Marketing and Communications Officer of race results.

  • Attend BUCS XC and other cross-country/long distance related races attended by the Club.

Men’s & Women’s Athletics Captain

(All tasks are in collaboration with each other)

  • Attend all athletics training sessions.

  • Co-ordinate and assist captains (sprints, distance, throws and jumps).

  • Plan short sprints (60m-200m), long sprints (200m-400m), jumps and throws training plan with respective captains.

  • Plan middle distance training, liaise with XC captains (who take the long-distance sessions) to where sessions can overlap and be brought together (normally Wednesday).

  • Taking circuits sessions (and provide some norti tunes).

  • BUCS Indoors and BUCS Outdoors –organise the team and trials; submit entries; organise transport, accommodation and logistics; potentially organise other events for the weekend.

  • Organise Varsity –timetable, equipment, officials, squad, liaising with Coventry Uni and Warwick Sport, rules/scoring system.

  • Organising open meetings.

  • Organising an informal Athletics Awards presentation.

  • Providing a reasonable amount of coaching and advice.

  • Informing the Marketing and Communications Officer of race results.

  • Attend BUCS Indoors/Outdoors and at other athletics events attended by the Club.

  • Management of the sprints coach (currently Ronnie Williams) and keeping up a good relationship with him.

Development Captain

  • Attend all Development Squad training sessions and lead the group. This may involve tail-running to ensure that no-one gets left behind.

  • Help people to improve their general running and fitness.

  • Encourage more casual runners to participate in the wider Athletics Club by coming to things like circuits and socials.

  • Involve the Development squad in less competitive races such as Park Run and Warwick Relays, as well as encouraging them to give the more competitive races a go, like the cross country league races.

  • Organise and plan Development socials, for example, Curiositea social at the beginning of the year.


  • In charge of overseeing the Club accounts.

  • Anticipate expected expenditure and income for the whole year and thus working out how much the Club can spend.

  • Manage all payments for the Club by processing and completing all relevant finance forms.

  • Take responsibility for collection and depositing of any member payments in cash.

  • Ensure that the Club accounts are managed appropriately with money credited to and debited from the correct accounts.

  • Provide an accurate and current update on how much money is available.

  • Prepare sponsorship proposals and securing sponsorship for the following year.

  • Prepare contracts for sponsorship agreements.

  • Act as a relationship manager with sponsors, providing regular updates and liaise with the Marketing and Communications Officer to ensure all obligations to sponsor and their needs are met.

  • Explore other fundraising options, including taking the lead on applications to the Development Fund amongst others.

  • Submit the budget application to Warwick Sport for the following year.

  • Attend treasurer meetings and training.

  • Work with Events and Tours Co-ordinator and President to help plan tour from a financial point of view and assist with payments.

  • Help sort any accommodation needed for BUCS events.

  • Help other exec members with organising online ticket sales.

  • Build a good relationship with Warwick Sport's sport administrator, development officer and the SU Finance team.


  • Order, purchase and design Club kit, including exec kit, leisure wear and Club vests. Order new vests when required and ensure the Club shop is open all year round.

  • Build relationships with new kit manufacturers.

  • Affiliate Club members and the Club itself to England Athletics (term 3 and throughout academic year), as well as to MCAA and various other running bodies.

  • Take minutes at our weekly exec meetings and upload to Exec Facebook page.

  • Be first on hand for administrative tasks where applicable (such as at events).

  • Look after the Club inbox.

  • Help the captains to liaise with the Birmingham XC league and MCAA should any issues arise.

Social Secretary(s)

  • Organise and lead socials (drinking and non-drinking), usually on a weekly basis, although more at the start of the year. Be prepared for a lot of ‘behind-the-scenes’ work when planning and orchestrating a successful social event.

  • Organise and run Pub Jog including designing and ordering the T-shirt.

  • Provide support, if needed, to other exec members with post-event and post-race socials e.g. Warwick Relays.

  • Attend plenty of training sessions, particularly at the beginning of the year to be a friendly, welcoming face.

  • Make an effort to get to know everyone and encouraging them to get involved with the social side of the Club, and the Club in general.

  • Make members’ safety always your top priority.

  • Work with President to ensure WUAXC socials are inclusive and accessible to all. 


  • Control the Club’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts.

  • Write a weekly e-mail newsletter with a distinct voice.

  • Update the Club website and Club Warwick Sport pages. Captains will provide you with race results and fixture information which should be uploaded regularly.

  • Organise the presentation of WUAXC and the participation of other exec members at fresher’s fair and refreshers fair. This includes designing and producing promotional flyers. You are responsible for member recruitment for the year.

  • Responsible for monitoring the future of the Club: this means – alongside the president – keeping an eye on relationships/links with sponsors/potential sponsors, members of the Club, other Clubs, and with Warwick Sport.

  • Be aware and ensure the Club participates in all internal and external competitions or award nominations that the Club is eligible for. This may include producing promotional videos or award entries.

  • Responsible for positive on-campus awareness of the Club. Ensure the Club participates in the University community and its media outlets such as Warwick TV, The Boar and RaW.

  • Be prepared to promote races, socials and Club events all of kinds at all times through social media, on-campus poster advertising and other on-campus media facilities such as the big Piazza screen.

  • Ensure that you, or someone else, is available to take photographs of socials and other events and that these are uploaded to the Facebook page and used in marketing materials.

  • Managing of the ‘Warwick Athletics App’ (No coding knowledge required).

Events Coordinator

  • Organise and lead the Warwick Relays annual event that plays host to many other local Clubs, universities and alumni.

  • Organise and host a Reunion event in term 3, this may be in conjunction with an SU-wide alumni event.

  • Responsible for the organising, booking of, and execution a domestic and foreign tour.

  • Opportunity to organise and run other events to benefit Club members.

  • Organise the annual ‘Athletics and Alumni Ball’, working with other Exec members where possible to ensure the delivery of the event.

Welfare & Community

  • Responsible for advancing the Club’s Sportmark in the ‘community’ category. This covers charity events as well as volunteering, and will be done in collaboration with the rest of the exec and the wider Club.

  • Organise guest speakers/talks on physical and mental welfare. This may include injury prevention and nutrition.

  • Attend any welfare and liberation training offered by SU officers.

  • In addition to the charity responsibility outlined above, organise a 24-hour charity relay in aid of a charity chosen by the exec.

  • Engage with SU Campaigns and ensure the Club is fully involved where possible.

Fresher’s Representative

  • To be elected in term 1.

  • To welcome the new members of the club and to make sure that their views are heard by the pre-existing members.

  • To help out with training and socials.

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